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R o n i a

grew up in austria as the youngest of 4 children.

the soundtracks of classic fairy tale films of the mid-20th century (e.g. cinderella) have accompanied R o n i a since childhood. with her great role model, Moondog, who has become known as a street musician, she combines a penchant for minimalism and a special way of composing. coincidence embodies an essential role for recording her music in her 7m² small room.

random noises can influence her music and create new melodies. this often results in minimalist sound figures from piano themes broken down to the bare essentials, carefully used synthesizer surfaces and accents by tuba, trumpet or strings. In the center: the voice of the self-taught R o n i a.

she mainly uses her songwriting to get through dark and depressed episodes, so her lyrics ask fundamental questions about human interactions and relationships.
waltz in is the title of R o n i a’s debut album - on October the 20th in 2023 her second album called 'string along' was officially released.

live she plays with a band as 'R o n i a & the little band'

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